12 August 2007

Okay, Vicki got me and since I'm slow moving this morning I've decided to do it. Don't be shocked and please, try not to judge me :)

Jobs I've held:

Key Punch Operator (my first job ever)
Switchboard operator (the old fashioned kind with all the chords)
Cashier in an adult bookstore
Insurance claim processor
Telephone Sales
Real Estate Appraiser
Telephone Solicitor for donations
Nature Tour Guide
In store demonstrator
Mystery Shopper

Movies I can watch over and over:
Anything scary

Guilty pleasures:
Afternoon naps

Places I have lived:
Jersey City, NJ
Redwood City, CA
Clear Lake, CA
Palo Alto, CA (actually I've lived in most cities in the Bay Area. We moved around an awful lot since I'm incredibly restless)
Kaneohe, HI

Shows I Enjoy:
Seinfeld ( I still watch reruns)
Grey's Anatomy
Criminal Minds (although with Mandy Pitinkin leaving we'll see how it goes)
ER (although for a few years they really sucked. Last year was pretty good though)
Boston Legal
Cold Case
I'm sure there's more I just can't think of

Websites I visit daily:
Sites for work

Places I have been on vacation:
Plus most of the states.

Flossie (which is a hurricane threatening Hawaii right now :)
Others I will never admit to

None that I can think of. I'm sure there are some but awards are not that important to me so after the initial excitement I forget about them. I'm looking around my room here and don't see any. I know there are 2 running awards hanging in the studio bathroom but I'm not sure what they were for.

What do I value most?
My hubby
My family
My pets
My health

Okay, there you have it. Now I'm supposed to tag more bloggers but honestly I've seen this all over the place and I'm not sure who's done it and who hasn't. If you haven't done it yet consider yourself tagged, but let me know so I can go read it :)

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Anonymous said...

OK Flo, I've got you beat on one category. My careers: Van Driver, Convenience Store Cashier, Landscaper, Customer Service Representative, Door-to-Door Vacuum Cleaner Salesman (yes I am serious no I didn’t sell any vacuum cleaners), Elevator Skid Cleaner (You know the grooves in elevator doors that serve as tracks to guide the doors on their path? They get REALLY dirty.), House Painter, Business Card Proofreader, Shipping/Receiving Clerk, Commercial Ventilation Shaft Cleaner, Stock Options Trader, Administrative Assistant, Pet Store Kennel Cleaner, Theatre Spotlight Operator, Deli Sandwich Assembler, Concert Hall Stage Manager and Data Entry Person. Currently, I'm a Music Teacher.

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