07 August 2007

Scary Movies

I love scary movies. I have since I was a little kid. We would sit up late (like 9 pm) on a Saturday night, all huddled together, and watch such classics as The Blob, Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Day the Earth Stood Still, oh god I still love those movies!!!! I love to be scared. I love nightmares, I really do!!! My favorite author is Stephen King!! I love scary stuff. As I got older I still loved scary movies. One of my favorite movies was Halloween the movie. Mike Meyers!! How freaking scary was that character?? Jamie Lee Curtis screaming - Love IT!!!

Now Rob Zombie has redone Halloween. This should be insane. If you're unfamiliar with Rob Zombie, he is actually a musician. He was front man for White Zombie. He's kind of crazy looking and has a fascination with horror movies. He's already done a couple of horror movies, House of 1000 corpses and the Devil's Rejects. I did see House and it was bizarre. I can't wait to see what he does to Halloween the movie.

Tyler Mane plays Mike Meyers and Malcolm McDowell plays the shrink. I love McDowell, he plays an awesome creepy guy.

I have to tell you a secret though. I can't watch scary movies in the theater. I have to be at home, snuggled up on the couch preferably with a dog or the hubby, and have the ability to scream, and hide, and generally make a fool of myself. That is the best way to see scary stuff.


Fe-lady said...

My daughter watches all that gruesome stuff....not me! It's gotta be funny and light or I don't go/watch!

Duane said...

I'd love to watch you when you watch the movie!

No Wetsuit Girl said...

One of my bestest of bestest friends is so into horror movies. I even sat through House of 1,000 Corpses all the way through with him. (No offense by this, only curiosity), I don't get it. I think the scariest movie I've ever seen was "The Haunting" (the original one, in black and white) that had no blood and gore. Again, no criticism, only curiosity, what's the attraction in hack-'em-up horror movies?

Vickie said...

I hate scary movies! I haven't seen ANY of them!

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