30 September 2007

I am not happy

with the look of this blog. I don't know what's wrong but I just can't seem to find a theme that I like. Maybe it's time to break down and get a custom masthead. UGH!!!! I don't know. I used to be able to customize them myself, I wonder if I could figure it out again.

Well, it looks like I won't be doing the century ride tomorrow. Lack of training and back/foot/shoulder issues seem to make not doing it a prudent choice. There's always next year.

We are still tossing around Las Vegas. I'd like to go, I'd really like to go but....... Anyway, I'm checking out the Venetian hotel just in case :)


momo said...

flo - runner susan at the masthead factory did mine and i really like it. try them if you decide to go ahead and have someone make one for you!

Fe-lady said...

Or Mallie (link on my blog) - she did mine! Sorry to hear about the no-century. Yes, there is always NEXT YEAR!

Irene said...

I had a blog template (from off the internet) that I really liked but suddenly Blogger made changes and that template no longer worked. I had to go back to a Blogger template, which I'm not all that thrilled about, but it was better than the default. I've seen other blogs that Runner Susan has spruced up, and they all look great!

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