16 September 2007

Na Wahine Super Sprint

Well, I've avoided writing this report all day but I need to record it. I feel ridiculous writing this because it was such a small, short race. But every step of the journey needs to be documented. So hopefully I can learn from this experience and build on it.

The super sprint was 250 m swim, 6 mile bike, and 1.7 mile run. I was really, really looking forward to this race and getting back into it again. It has been one year exactly since my last race. Na Wahine last year was my last race. So it was kind of like coming full circle.

The swim: Easy, 250 m right? Yeah, except the tide was coming in and the surf was up. There were surfers who were pissed that they couldn't go out where we'd be swimming. That is not good. But, and this is a huge important but, I did the swim no problems. I did not freak out. I did not panic in any fashion. I did discover that I have zero aerobic capacity in the water. I was breathing so hard after 250 m I had no idea how I would do the bike.

The bike: 6 miles - piece of cake. The only problem on the bike is that within the first mile you are climbing the backside of Diamond Head. That is not fun. But I smoked on the bike, I always do. I did have a little trouble in the beginning breathing due to being so out of breath from the swim, but once I got over Diamond Head it was easy.

The run: 1.7 miles - easy, right??? Ummmm, not so much. I had gone to the chiro yesterday and got adjusted. I specifically asked him if doing the race today was okay and he said yes. I took off on the run and immediately developed back pain. This is absolutely not good. I walked for a few minutes till the pain eased up then tried running again. This went on for almost a mile. Finally the back loosened up and I was able to run the last .7 miles albeit slowly. But I did it.

So I finished. I have no times because; a) I never turned my watch off after exiting the water. b) I never hit the lap button on my Garmin, and c) they didn't have chips and the timing started when the first wave started. Our wave was last and probably 15 - 20 minutes behind them. So near as I can figure I did the entire thing in anywhere from 52 to 57 minutes. But I'm not even sure of that. I don't know how they determined the winners but I guess they used to do it this way before the chip was invented huh???

What did I learn from this? Going into a tri untrained is beyond stupid. I have a lot of work to do, aerobic as well as specific sport training. I need to master my Garmin.

I do have to say this race is so cool. It's women only and they really strive to bring new women into the sport of triathlon. I will do this race again next year. I've already set my goals and I will work for the next year to make sure they come through.


Vickie said...

Flo, congrats! You did it and it sounds like your time wasn't half bad! Sometimes you just have to jump in, trained or untrained (listen to me), and see what you can do. It gives you a starting point to the next event, whatever that may be. Swimming aerobic capacity I believe improves the more you do. I also think that your breathing is increased in a race scenario, regardless of the distance, so that could have been part of it. Anyway, keep it up!

angelfish24 said...

Way to go on doing this tri! I'm sorry to hear of your back pain and hope you can get some relief. It would be hard dealing with the surf...I remember that well when I used to do scuba and trying to get beyond the surf, not fun.

momo said...

good job getting through it, flo. sounds like a good race. i'd love to come climb diamondhead sometime! i spent a bunch of time in waikiki awhile back when i worked for a different company and i ran all around that area, but never rode a bike.

Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

You finished. That's the important part. Great job!

Anna said...

Chiming in late (sorry!) to say CONGRATS on finishing the tri!! With back pain even!!

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