14 September 2007


Tonight ABC's 20/20 takes on Michael Moore's claims that health care in America is so bad. I think everyone who has watched Sicko should watch 20/20. Micheal Moore is even interviewed by John Stossel, so they go head to head.

I have not watched Sicko. I have never watched anything Micheal Moore made. In my opinion he is a liar. He manipulates footage to make it look like he wants it to look He goes into a project with a very strong opinion and molds the facts to fit his opinion, the truth be damned. Like much of the left, he doesn't let the facts get in the way of what he thinks.

I've completely disagreed with everything I heard about Sicko for a lot of reasons. First off, if health care is so fantastic in other places why do all the major medical innovations come from America?? No, not all, but a lot more than any place else.

Second, I've always thought that the way heath insurance in this country is run is wrong. Health insurance should be run more like auto insurance. With auto insurance you pick the coverage you want. New car - full coverage. Old junker - only whats necessary to be legal. Health insurance should work the same way. Young & healthy - get coverage for routine stuff only. Older, aging, health issues - get more serious coverage. I've always wondered why my health insurance covers pregnancy and childbirth when I'm never having anymore kids. See, as a responsible person I took steps to make sure that wouldn't happen. If I could pick and choose the kind of coverage I want I would not be paying a fortune out of pocket to have my back fixed by a chiro. I never approached my primary care doc about my back because I didn't want drugs or surgery. But, my insurance doesn't cover chiro so I'm screwed. I pay large premiums every month for my insurace and out of pocket for my chiro. If I could chose my coverage, I would chose to have more non-traditional coverage. The medical savings account is a fantastic idea. At least that way I could use the money tax free, but my company doesn't offer that.

Third, and finally, I've been in the Army. If you want to see how nationalized health care would be run visit any military hospital. I would spend all day in the hospital for an ear infection. Look at Walter Reed. Do you want health care like that? I sure don't but that's what you'll get if the government takes it over. I know a number of people who live in Canada who don't think their health care system is so great. One I know, who works for the Canadian government, is arranging it so all her children are born in the US (her husband is American) specifically because of the health care system in Canada. And she works for the government!!!! Another older lady comes to Hawaii every couple of months to get chemotherapy. Apparently she is only allowed to get so much in Canada so she comes here to get more. Also, the "free" health care in Canada and France and Britain isn't free. They get certain things for free and have to pay for the rest. That's not going to be much help.

I agree that the health care system in this country has got to be fixed. But nationalizing health care is not the way. People complain now because some businessman is making decisions on what can and can not be medically done. Now imagine if those decisions were being made by elected politicians?!?!?!?! Ummm, yeah, no thank you.

Anyway, everyone watch tonight, you just might learn something.

(NOTE: lest someone think I'm stealing material, I have posted this same entry on both my blogs. I feel very strongly about this and want everyone to watch tonight.)

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Vickie said...

Amen to all that! And if you think of it, nationalized health care would be similar to the no fault mess we have in Michigan and a lot of other states. With nationalized health care, you have to take what they give you basically, and I can tell you first hand that no fault only benefits the insurance companies, so nationalized health care? It will not benefit anyone. The latest reports out are that a "good friend" of the Clintons, a Canadian, was advised by her doctor to come to the US for care for her breast cancer, on the eve of Hillary proposing the "Canadian" health care system. What does that tell you? I will be sure to watch 20/20. Michael Moore is a lying hypocrite. Maybe we should send him to Cuba for a bypass operation.

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