20 September 2007

Today was better.

Well, I got up this morning and my back was sore. Muscle sore. You know. After you've pushed yourself too hard. The next day your muscles ache. That kind of sore. It wasn't bad, but it was there. Then I went to the chiro. Oh, yeah, better. He applied pressure to release the back muscles and it really helped. My back has felt great all day. It hasn't felt this good for this long in quite a while. I think I'm going to be okay. As the chiro said, my spine is so twisted and screwed up, there are probably going to be a lot more sore days before it's all better. That's okay, as long as there are some good days in between.

Okay, I have to change the subject abruptly. Can you develop dyslexia later in life?? In the preceding paragraph I wrote 3 words perfectly backwards. I have never done that. Ever. How weird.

Meanwhile, work is killing me right now. I am so swamped and I'm fighting so hard not to get stressed out over it. I keep telling myself I can only do what I can do in a day. I can't do anymore and there's no reason to stress over it. I will get through it, it will just take some planning and focusing. That's what I will work on tomorrow. I'm just glad I don't have to do one of those employee self evaluation. Right now I wouldn't be very nice about what I had to say about me or the company.

Anyway, that's all I have tonight. I'm tired and I'm heading to bed early.

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Irene said...

Glad the chiro could help! I love mine! I don't know about developing dyslexia later in life but your eye do change in your 40's. You might wanna get your eyes checked, just to be sure. (I work for an optometrist, so we see this all the time - the 40's hit and everything changes... Just so you know, I'm there!)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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