03 October 2007


That's what this is all about, right? So I have to fess up. I did not workout this morning. I got up early, earlier than I needed to, got my coffee and decided to look over blogs for a few minutes. I then got all caught up a in pit bull death story and had to vent. If you're interested you can read it over at Flo's Place. I got so involved in that I lost track of time and before you know it, it was too late. So I missed this morning. Not the end of the world but I'm not pleased about it. I will however, work out tonight since Hubby is playing poker.

Okay, that's it. I just had to pop over here and confess my sins. I might as well have been looking for Delta faucets for how productive I was.

1 comment:

Fe-lady said...

Oh these evil blogs and websites! They take our training time! (use it as a reward AFTER you get in the run/ride! Works for me!) How's the back doin?
I love faucets/sinks and tubs too! But I love them in the kitchen also!

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