11 October 2007

Another run

So I really feel like I will get back my running speed. I went out today for my 1 mile run. I noticed immediately that I felt great. I mean really great. Nothing hurt. It was wonderful. Running felt good again. I got the 1/2 mile point and felt so good I thought maybe I'd go further. But, I talked myself out of it. I want to run pain free and if that means going super short distances for a while, so be it. I will not injure myself because I'm anxious to go further. So I turned around at the 1/2 mile mark and headed back. When I hit my driveway Garmin said 13:44. That is 20 seconds faster than Tuesday and I had to walk for a little bit to get a dog back into it's yard. I think I did that mile in 13 minutes. I am so happy with myself I can hardly stand it. And, I felt awesome both during and after. Yes.

Okay, that's all for now. I have a post in my head but it's kind of hard to write and I'm not sure I'm going to.


angelfish24 said...

I'm actually missing run a little. I had a dream that I was out there running and feeling good and moving fast. ha ha that can't be me as I'm a turtle. I just need to get out there and move period as I haven't as I'm tied to my books.
Way to go on you run!

Vickie said...

Hey, that's great! Maybe take a chance--don't hold back. I've been there, so I REALLY know how you feel and where you're coming from. Just give it a chance.

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