29 October 2007

Connections made

So I'm reading all the reports from the SOMA group. Turns out lots of bloggers made it to Arizona and sounds like they had a great time. But reading these really got me to thinking.

I've been keeping a blog for 3 years now and it's only once I stumbled onto the tri blogs that I really felt like I found where I belonged. I initially gravitated towards the weight loss blogs, but once I started losing some weight I quickly lost any connection I felt with them. Once I started losing weight I wanted to become active, athletic. Most of the weight loss blogs battle with activity. I wanted it to become and integral part of my life. I wanted it to be as necessary as brushing my teeth. The weight loss group looks at activity as a necessary evil. That's not how I wanted to view things.

Then I stumbled across the tri blogs and that was it. I felt like I had found a home. Actually, more a place to hang out where I was welcome - like Cheers :) I love how everyone works to get those workouts in. How working out will take place early in the morning or late in the evening, whatever it takes to get them in. Some are considerably better athletes than others, some are weight challenged, all are motivated, all are nice, and all are supportive. It's really great. I have enjoyed reading everyones reports from SOMA, the good, the bad, and the ugly as another blogger says. It's really great to feel connected to such a great group. I hope that I get to meet up with them someday.

On to the training notes. I've altered my workout schedule just a little. I'm doing weights and running on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Tuesday and Thursday I'm doing the bike on the trainer, I've got to get my legs back. Weekends will be for fun stuff, bike riding, hiking, swimming, whatever I feel like. Starting in January I'm back in the pool and getting ready for the tri season.

I'm tossing around doing a race on November 11th. It's a 5k right around the corner from my house. The only thing is I'm going out to dinner on the 10th and have a bird club meeting in the afternoon of the 11th. I'm thinking about it.


Vickie said...

Well having a race the day after a social event always presents challenges. On the one hand, knowing you have the race makes you behave: no over-drinking; no staying out late; no over-eating. On the other hand, having that race and another social event after might cramp your style. You have to make the choice. Making the choice for the race puts you a notch above in your training. And the race will KEEP you training. Good luck deciding!

momo said...

flo - it was wonderful, really - having all the bloggers here in az for the race. i feel the same way you do - its a great place to hang with a great group of people.

i hope we'll get a chance to meet up someday. we can run diamonhead together! :-)

Jane said...

Hi. Linked here over from Duane's blog. I agree with you - I like the triblogs whereas i couldn't get into the other ones. I like thinking of exercise as something to do or enjoy in itself rather than another way to lose weight. Also, it's fun to focus on races and getting stronger, going faster rather than the scale.

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