12 October 2007

Nobel Prize for fiction

So you can now put together a work of complete and total fiction that contain outright lies and still win the Nobel Prize. Even though courts have found that the movie contains lies and falsehoods. Even presidents of other countries see what insanity this is.

The world has freaking gone crazy. Mark my words, this is just the beginning in a plan to tax us to freaking death for this made up problem. Watch, they will start taxing your gas (they are already working on that) then your car, then the electricity you use, then they will calculate your "carbon footprint" and tax you on that. Watch and see. I have a lot more to say on this but I really have to get to work. I use a lot of electricity in my work so I better get to it :)


Vickie said...

OMG, don't EVEN get me started on this! I could not believe what a big deal they made about this on the local news this morning. Just goes to show you the lack of credibility this "award" has. What I worry about most is the shoving down the throats of school kids of his so-called "theory." Its bad enough when adults accept it on face value, but to make kids feel guilty?? Sinful.

Comm's said...

Its not so much that he got the Nobel but that it proves how illegitamiate the prize has become. What was once an important prize for world peace and then decrease of nuclear proliferation has become a mockery of world events.

Even the Brits, whose school system has mandated Inconveinent Truth be shown in schools and then sued to preface with a ten point rebuttal of the the reality of fact, know that IC is bogus on many levels.

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