13 October 2007

Okay, now I'm happy.

I've been a little on the down side all week over this bird I was sitting. I know, it's ridiculous but the truth of the matter is I empathize more with animals than I do a lot of humans. That sounds cold but the fact is the animals can't speak for themselves and, as a whole, humans can. So really I have much more compassion for animals than I do for most humans.

So I've been a little down over Fluffy. The owner picked them up today. Yea!!! And I had a good talk with him. I think I managed to make him understand that he may not be the best owner for Fluffy even though he loves him a lot. Sometimes love is just not enough. I think I made him understand without pissing him off and that's a huge accomplishment for me :) So I'm happy about that.

But what I'm really happy about is Fe-Lady and her hubby are coming to Hawaii!!! I'm so excited I will finally be able to meet a fellow blogger. You have no idea how that cheered me up. Okay, you would think I don't get out much, but I have been pretty down. This was just the kind of pick me up I needed. So I'm very much looking forward to that. There will be pictures and details to follow.

So the events over the course of the day have greatly improved my disposition. So now that I'm feeling better I don't have to consider drugs or the seemingly necessary
drug rehabilitation that follows (I'm just kidding, I wouldn't ever take drugs.)(Again :)

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