25 November 2007

As usual I'm late to the party!!

Running Skirts?!?!?!?!?! Oh. My. God...... These are the best things since sliced bread. I just got back from my 4 miler and what a fun run it was.
I had a hard time getting a picture of myself since hubby is at work today. If only I could teach the dogs to take pictures :)

Anyway, my skirt story. I've been flirting with the idea of getting a running skirt for a while now. I keep cruising the running apparel websites looking at the various features and debating. I never got one because I have a couple of issues.

First, I have thunder thighs. No matter how skinny I ever get, my thighs remain large. That's okay, it doesn't bother me anymore but it makes for some considerations when running. I can't run in 'running' shorts because they ride up between my thighs and I chafe. I can wear them for walking and hiking, but no running. So when I run I wear spandex shorts. Now one major reason I've been holding off getting a running skirt is because of the shorts underneath. They had to be long enough to go over my thighs. If you visit the various running sites you will see that the short underneath comes in all lengths. Since I'm pretty picky about how long I like those shorts, I could never commit to buying them.
Also, for some reason, I thought a skirt would be more revealing. More revealing than spandex shorts?!?!?!? I know but I did. Well, that is so not the case. In fact, it's the exact opposite.

Finally, for a long time there I was pretty convinced I may never run again. I didn't see any point in buying running clothes if I wasn't going to be able to run. So for those reasons, I've held off buying a running skirt.

Yesterday at Sports Authority I was actually looking for some sports bras. As I was cruising the women's clothing I noticed some Adidas running skirts. I started looking at them and noticed many of them had briefs underneath. Okay, that is so not happening with my thighs. But I continued to look because I was intrigued. Further investigation revealed that some did have shorts underneath. I looked and found the style that had the short length I wanted. I was ecstatic. They were New Balance regularly $60 on sale for $31. I was stoked. Once I had found a couple of pair that I liked I was looking around for some sports bras when I stumbled on this rack. The brand was Aspire. I never heard of it but I was comparing it to the New Balance and Adidas skirts and realized the only real difference was the price. The Aspire was $19.99. Oh, and the Aspire only came in black, blue, and white, the others came in pretty colors. None of them had pockets, which really would have been nice, but other than that they were identical. I picked up 2 of the Aspire. When I got to the register they were further discounted to $15.99 so I got another one. I was very excited.

So I put it on this morning to go for my run. It fits perfect and the short is exactly the right length. I just felt cute in it. As I ran I could feel the skirt sway in the back and it reminded me of when I was a little kid and would dance just to feel my skirt sway. It is incredibly comfortable and really does feel better than running in shorts. I love it!!!

Now that I have a pair and know exactly how long the short has to be (5") I'm going to look around online for some of the really cute ones that I've seen in patterns and colors and such. I'm going to eventually replace all my shorts with running skirts. I'll even wear these to do my strength training in. Now, do they make bike skirts???

Oh right, the actual run. 4 miles in 50 minutes. Not too shabby considering I haven't run 4 miles in over a year :)


Irene said...

I love the concept of running skirts and now own a few! The ones I do like best are the ones with compression shorts underneath, but I do have a few with the built in panty. I believe skirtssports.com has a skirt just for biking.

Vickie said...

OMG! I have to look for that brand! Although I won't be wearing them ANYTIME soon what with our weather and all. Oh wait, I probably could wear one over a pair of fleece tights! Hey, thanks for the info! I have the thigh issue too, so I really appreciate the in depth product review.

Fe-lady said...

I HATE my Sports Authority...I went yesterday after reading about your "find"- and what a bargain! I saw only Nike skirts at $60 and I didn't like them....
Terry makes bike skirts- and they are CUTE to boot!
(They have a website)
And your strong thighs...well they will carry you up those damn craters you have there! :-)

Unknown said...

Just saw this post. Yes! Running.Skirts.Are.The.Bomb.

Anonymous said...
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