18 November 2007

Dietary Supplements

This is something I wrestle with a lot, dietary supplements. In many ways I don't believe in supplements. I believe that we should get all our nutrients from the food we eat. In other ways, I live in the real world and that just doesn't happen all the time. So supplements can be a good alternative.

As athletes, yes, that's me :), we demand a lot from our bodies and can deplete minerals quicker than non-athletes. For instance, we use our muscles so much that we can deplete our calcium and magnesium stores. Both of these things are used in muscle contractions and therefore used a lot by people like us.

Magnesium gluconate is commonly used in dietary supplements. It's been effective in preventing restless leg syndrome. Have you ever had that?? Oh my god is it annoying. Lying there trying to sleep and your legs keep twitching and moving - UGH!!!!! Anyway, magnesium glouconate can help with that.

Additionally, taking things in liquid form can be more effective than taking it in tablet form. Tablets need to be broken down and digested by the digestive tract while liquid can pretty much be directly absorbed. So a liquid magnesium gluconate would probably be the ultimate solution to this problem.

Just some more things to think about on the journey to health and fitness. Boy I wish this were easier :)

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