03 November 2007

Here come the weekend......

Wow, I really don't have anything to do this weekend. That's exciting. It's supposed to be pretty rainy and wet all weekend so I think I'll get some decent reading time in - woo hoo!!!!

I was reading Vickie's post about her off season and it seems like it's going to be similar to mine. I plan on lots of base building over the next couple of months with a heavy focus on running.

Just 3 months ago, before I started seeing the chiro, I was really starting to buy into the idea that I may never really run again. The PF had gotten so incredibly painful, I was moving towards the thought that my running days were over. Now, I love my running so much and it's so great to be relatively pain free (as long as I watch my form). So this has lead me to revive some old goals. These are very long term goals, but dreams I've had for years.

-The first is to run the New York Marathon. Since I started running again 8 years ago that has been one of my dreams. I'd love to do Boston but I'm not sure at this point I could qualify. So anyway, I'm going to try for NY.

-The second one is to do a half. Honu 70.3 in 2009 is in my sights. I'm not sure I ever want to do an Ironman, but I'd love to give a half a go. Also, in 2009 I'll be 50 and I think that's fitting, doing my first 1/2 when I'm 50 :)

Those are the 2 biggies. Those are the ones posted in my workout room and over my computer here. Those are the ones that are going to get me out the door every morning. Those are the ones that will keep me working. The drive to do them and the fear of blowing up during them. In my head, fear is a great motivator.

So right now I'm off. I'm thinking of going for a short bike ride before the rain starts. I'll run in the rain but riding my bike, no. I know - wuss!!!!

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Fe-lady said...

Hope you are able to watch the NYC marathon today where you are!

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