21 November 2007

Not a good day....

That post that had been up here was not supposed to be published. It's for something else and I guess I accidentally published it. Dummy.

My neck has been sore since Sunday. It's slowly been getting worse. Today it finally got so bad I went to the chiropractor. Turns out my neck muscles on my left side are all spasmed out. He did electrical stimulation, massage, ART, and put stinky stuff on it and it's still sore. I have to go back again on Friday. This sucks. I'm walking like a stick figure. I can't turn my head, I have to turn my whole upper body. Ugh!!!

In other news, I did get my workout in this morning. I did strength and a 2.5 mile run. Interesting. I've been running 3.1 - 3.5 miles. This mornings 2.5 miles was really easy. Towards the end as I was approaching my house I had the energy and desire to really step it up and sprint the last 100 yards. It was fun. My pace was 12:30. I was going a little slow because my neck was bothering me. I felt great when I was done.

Okay, that's it. I have to go lie down. Holding this head up is tough :)


Vickie said...

I hope your neck clears up soon. I used to have that a lot too. I don't know if this has anything to do with it or not, but someone suggested extra Vitamin C, which I did and it seemed to help. I haven't really had the neck thing in a long time now. Good for you running even if it was sore. It probably loosened things up some just from the increased blood flow too. I was noticing the other day, after having a few harder and faster runs that the shorter ones now seem easier. Its a habit that gets easier each time we get out there.

Fe-lady said...

My neck does this from time to time and I think it's swimming related (turning too much to one side for breathing)-makes it tough to look over my shoulder when riding a bike! Hope all the chiropractic/ART work helped-and good for you for STILL working out in spite of it!
Happy Turkey Day while I am thinking about it! :-)

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