Sometimes being right sucks....

I planned yesterday for it to be rainy today and is it ever. It's been raining, pretty heavily, since midnight. The way the sky looks and the fact that there's no wind makes me wonder if it's ever going to end. Maybe I should spend the day building an ark!

Looking out my window I can see the birds sitting on the telephone wires taking showers in the rain. How cute. Speaking of birds, you are now reading the writings of the new President of the Aloha Hawaii Parrot Association. We had a meeting yesterday and everyone wanted to do other things so I agreed to be President, unless someone comes along and wants the position :) The parrot club has been limping along for a couple of years now. For the last year or so 1 person has been running the whole thing. She has decided to step down and me and a couple of other people agreed to step up and help. The other lady, who is in charge of programs, has some really amazing ideas for the club. I really think it's going to be an awesome year. We want to build up membership and make the club something all bird people turn to. So this should be a fun year.

It's raining so much that the water is running through the area where I keep my washer and dryer. I'm a little afraid to do laundry because I don't know how wet it's gotten back there. I'd prefer to wait until it stops raining to run them. I'm really not in the mood for an electrical fire or shorting them out. So I can't do that. I could ride the bike on the trainer just for something to do. Hmmm....... I know, I'll go lay on the couch and read a book. I have a running book and triathlon book I want to look at. Plus it's only 7:45 a.m., I can wait a little longer.


Fe-lady said…
Hmmm...I was just commenting to Brant about how nice a cold, rainy day would be here to get into a pre-holiday mode! Happy snuggling!
Fe-lady said…
Hey- I keep forgetting to ask you...did you buy that guy's McCaw? If so, hope he/she likes his/her new home!

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