15 November 2007

Up with the sun, gone with the wind....

They always said I was lazy......

Not this morning. Just before the alarm went off the rain started. Since I've missed 2 days of working out, and since my 10k training starts on Monday, and since I can not run 2 days back to back, and since I was committed to 3 runs this week, I had to run today. As I lay in bed listening to the rain thoughts of rolling over danced in my head. Thankfully, my inner athlete woke up and started swearing. I had to get up just to shut her up.

When I headed out the door the sun wasn't even peaking over the horizon yet and there were lots of big, dark clouds hanging over head. I was pretty positive I'd get wet on this run. Oh, well. I put my flashing red light on my hat since it was so dark and would most likely rain. Off I went.

Jeez I felt good. Everything was working right, I felt like I could run forever. Then my right heel started bothering me. I evaluated my form and didn't seem to be heel striking. What was going on? I just kept going. It really was nice. The rain had made everything wet and shiny. It smelled really crisp and clean. It was nice and cool. It was a wonderful morning for running.

Then I hit the Waimanalo Polo Fields. Yuck. For some reason those horses really stunk this morning. So my heel is bothering me and it stinks. This is fun. Then the sun started peaking over the horizon. Oh, how I love sunrise. The beginning of a new day, new opportunities, new possibilities, it's awesome. As soon as the sun started up I could feel the temperature increase. That's not uncommon. Before I knew it though I was having trouble breathing. Everything was wet and now the sun was heating it up. The humidity probably jumped 10% in less than a minute. I don't learn very quickly do I??

So I slowed down and tried to get control of my breathing. Since humidity is really a fact of life here, I'm going to have to work on this. The good part is I did finish my 5k in 39 minutes. I really want to get faster but I think I should focus on my breathing in humidity right now.

So there you have it, another run in the books and I didn't get rained on. I have to get a 10k program together before Monday. Maybe I'll go look right now.

I also need to start looking for hubby's Christmas gift. I'm seriously considering getting him a plasma TV. I would then have to get him a plasma mount and I don't know where he would put that. Oh well, things to think about.


Fe-lady said...

Good run despite the dark and rain and smelly horses! Gosh, I really haven't thought about Christmas! yikes!

Vickie said...

It sounds like you are starting to break through that mental barrier, all those thoughts of putting off the run or not running at all that creep up on us all. Good going! Hopefully the heel clears up. Icing remember!

Bolder said...

hi flo, following up with you and everyone on your offer for help!

the blog is up here:

Bloggers Against Cancer

we are working through the name, and a graphic design... have a look!

angelfish24 said...

Sounds like a nice run considering everything. Sorry about your heel keeping on acting up. That sucks and hope you get relief soon. Sometimes, I miss beautiful Hawaii that's for sure.

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