11 December 2007

And to think, I almost didn't go!

I began running again in earnest on October 2nd. That puts it at exactly 10 weeks I've been running. Initially every run was great and I was just so happy to be back running. It seemed I made improvements every single run. Something was going right. Then I had one crappy run. But then it got better again so all was good. Then I had a couple of crappy runs in a row. But then I would have an awesome run and things would be good again. Well, for the last couple of weeks each run has been crappy in it's own way. I couldn't figure out what was going wrong. I was having breathing issues and thought I was going too fast. Then Saturday I ran with my HRM and found my HR was much lower than I thought it was. Which then got me concerned that something might be wrong. I really was having breathing issues and was starting to think asthma, allergies, I don't know...... I was a little worried.

Watching the news last night, I saw that we would be having our normal windward and mauka showers. Since I live windward and mauka and it usually occurs in the early morning and evening, I thought my runs might be in danger again this week. When I awoke and it wasn't raining I realized I could run this morning. But I really didn't feel like it. I got up and started getting ready but the conversation in my head was trying to find a way out of running. I didn't let it work. I told myself I would go slow, just do the 3 miles on the schedule and come home. Take it easy and just get 'er done. I headed out.

I started really slow (or so I thought). I just took it real easy going slow and running lightly. About 1/2 mile into it I felt the breathing thing begin like normal and thought, great, here we go. But a funny thing happened. It didn't get any worse. My breathing settled into a nice even pattern. Wow! That hadn't happened before. After about a mile I realized, I had found my stride. I was running at a nice comfortable pace, my breathing was easy, and nothing hurt. It then hit me what had been missing. I hadn't found my stride. I have a pace, and I'm assuming everyone does, where the running is easy. It's a pace where I feel like I could literally run forever. Everything works the way it's supposed to and running is good. Really good. Well, this morning I finally found it.

I ran the entire 3 miles, something I haven't been able to do lately. I felt fantastic at the end and really didn't want to stop. I thought that since it felt so good I had probably been running really slow. Not so much. My pace was 12:26/mile. Not my best but certainly not my worst. I was very pleased with this run.

This really was a breakthrough run. I had been struggling for at least the past 2 weeks but this run has taken me to the next level. Now I remember how it goes for me. I'll run really good for a week or so then start to struggle again. After a couple of weeks of struggling I'll made some other breakthrough. And the pattern will repeat over and over as long as I keep pushing myself.

So this was the best run I've had in a couple of weeks. And to think, I almost didn't go :)


Pokey said...

Awesome!!!!! A great milestone - you should be proud!!!

Vickie said...

Yipee! I told you it would happen. You just had to be patient and maybe slow it down a notch,like I did when I did my whole 8 without walking. I think what happens is we THINK we should be going faster, but the body is saying no, slow down. When we finally listen to it, a miracle occurs. Keep at it and don't be discouraged. Not every run will be good, great or otherwise. You have to learn to take what comes your way and deal with it the best you can. Then you are successful, no matter what the time. Believe me, I have been at this a LONG time, but right now probably won't get a whole lot faster. That is something I have to deal with and I'm okay as long as I get it done!

Vickie said...

P.S. The one way to overcome the obstacles--whatever they might be--is to be able to run longer. Later you can worry about being faster. Get the longer down first and the rest will take care of itself.

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