27 December 2007

The year is winding down......

If you were around last year, you know I absolutely adore New Years. I love the idea of fresh starts, clean slates, new beginnings, whatever you want to call them, I love them. I have a terrible habit of obsessing over past failings so the chance to, symbolically, wipe the slate clean and start over is a powerful visualization for me. That's how I view New Years. The past is dead and gone and there is nothing but a bright future ahead. So I'm really looking forward to next Monday night.

Towards that end, I'm getting ready. One of the getting ready items is reviewing the past. I had a lot of goals this year, not all of which I shared :). In looking back I met most of them, not all but most. That's great. I'm really very pleased with the way this year turned out. I did not lose the weight I wanted to but I did learn a lot about myself. I've done a lot of mental work and made some real progress, that is huge, huge I tell you!!! So overall a good year. I've learned a lot and I have a great idea of where I want to go in 2008. I can't wait.

One thing I may have to do this year is get some Samsonite luggage. We will be doing some traveling so new luggage is definitely in order :)

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