06 December 2007

For the 3rd morning in a row

it was raining!! Ugh!!! I'm tired of this. The way the islands are structured cause the clouds to build up over the mountains during the day. They start raining at night and once the sun comes up start to dissipate and the pattern repeats itself. This happens with all kinds of weather patterns. But the last few days, we've been having what's know as a Kona because it comes from the south. Generally our winds and weather come from the north. When we are having a Kona it tends to be windy and rainy. Well we are having a really good one. I'm not sure how long it's been raining but I think it's rained every day for a week or so. Two years ago it rained for 43 days straight and what a mess that created.

Okay, enough whining!!! I didn't run this morning so I hoped on my exercise bike and did HIIT for 30 minutes. It was pretty good. Tonight is strength training.

In much more exciting news, my first race is chosen:

I'm very excited. Now this may not technically be my first race. There is another race that is not scheduled yet that I feel I have to conquer. That one may be on March 28 or so and may technically be my first one. But this is the one I'm looking forward to and counting as my first. I've never done this one. It's very popular and sells out quickly. Registration opens Sunday and I will be registering. Also, it's 2 days before my 49th birthday - what a way to celebrate :)


Vickie said...

Ooh, that looks fun! Can I come?? If you couldn't run, at least you did something. We're on for the month, right? I've been sticking to it.

Fe-lady said...

Yeah! The first step is registering! (It's actually the hardest step...congrats!) :-)

Anonymous said...

Fe-lady... u said right. i agree.

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