I'm still here....

I've had a thing going on the last few days and I find myself withdrawing into myself. I can't let that happen, that's when things start to go wrong.

I have broken my streak. I had planned to workout every day in December. Unfortunately, life got in the way. Sunday I woke with a major headache. I thought I was getting a migraine. I have not had a migraine in over 25 years but I still remember what they feel like coming on. I was sure that I was getting one. I pretty much felt like crap the whole day. So there was no run. There was not much physical activity at all. My head really hurt and I was not going to take the chance on bringing on a migraine. So there was no workout on Sunday. My streak has been broken.

I did however, walk around Wal-Mart for about 3 days looking for gifts. Hmmm. Maybe that was part of my headache?!?!? I got hubby a 26" HDTV for Christmas. He is going to be so surprised. I told him there was no way he could buy a new TV. The one he has is less than 3 years old. So this should be a real surprise for him. I can't wait :)

I did get up and get right back on track this morning. I did my exercise bike. I really need to look into some treadmills. There are times, like right now, when I feel like running. It's 8 p.m. and I am not going to run on the road. Oh, well. Maybe some day.

Okay, that's all. I'm not going to let this thing get to me and draw me into my self. I have this horrible habit of avoiding things that I don't want to deal with. When I start avoiding something I start withdrawing and that is not a good thing. So I will NOT let this thing drive me inward and I will get back in the saddle immediately.


Irene said…
Does hubby read your blog? The HDTV is a very cool gift! He'll be surprised!

I keep saying I'll be getting a treadmill, too, but other expenses happen first. Like you, some day!

I hope your head feels better. Wal-Mart can do that to a person...

Take care. :)
Vickie said…
Well I broke my streak too on Saturday! I was so tired and weak feeling from the events on Friday. Anyway, don't worry, get back to it as soon as possible and you will be over the guilt. I need a new treadmill too!
Fe-lady said…
Get back on that HOSS (or bike, or road, or treadmill...) Everyone deserves a break now and then...hope you are feeling better!

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