21 December 2007

Warning: very unholiday like rant ahead

I am so incredibly sick and tired of hearing the term "give back" What the f*ck does that mean exactly? People say all the time, it's a chance to "give back." Give back what????? And to whom???? Last night I heard someone who was donating toys to Toys for Tots that it was her way of giving back. Again, I ask, give back what and to whom?? Did those underprivileged kids give her something I don't know about?? Maybe the Marines gave her something?? I don't know, but clearly someone, somewhere gave her something and now she's giving it back. But, unless it came from the kids to whom she's donating the toys, it really wouldn't be giving back would it? It would be paying if forward.

I hear a lot too of "giving back to the community" Huh???? What exactly did the community give you? I know I give the community far more than it gives me so I don't feel the need to give anything back. Considering the exorbitant amount of taxes I pay and the little I use of the community resources, I'm keeping every little thing the community gives me and I'm not giving anything back.

Another common phrase is "give back to those less fortunate." Just thinking here, but if they are less fortunate odds are they didn't have anything to give in the first place so what exactly are these people giving back??

I donate to things. I give to the less fortunate. I don't give back anything to anyone. I've worked hard all my life and have never really taken from anyone or anything, so I feel no need at all to "give back." I feel incredibly fortunate to have my health, a hubby, my dogs, a good job, etc. so I will donate, or give, to causes that help those who aren't as fortunate as I.

Oops! I lied!! I do "give back." I try to volunteer at at least one race every year. I figure there are runners who volunteer at the races I run so it's only fair to give back and volunteer so they can run. But that's a pretty fair exchange. They volunteer so I can run, I volunteer so they can run. That's a pretty even trade.

That's it!!! To me, "give back" indicates a fair trade, an even exchange, a common ground so to speak. Giving to charities is not giving back unless you take something from them during the year. If you are giving to a charity because you are fortunate enough to have more than you need, unless you took something from that charity you are not "giving back." If you are giving to a charity that has nothing to do with any help you received in the past, you are paying it forward.

I hate when words or phrases are used improperly, or used in ways that make no sense at all. Jeez, I'm becoming more of a word nerd than I was before. Ugh!!!!


Vickie said...

Empty cliches. Too many people make that their daily way of thinking and talking. Too many people have been duped into believing they owe someone something. Maybe in some cases. Not mine. I am thankful for what I have. I will have much more than my kids will ever have. I feel if I am going to give back to anyone or anything it will be to them first. I have lived in situational poverty at times in the past. My kids will likely face the same as they go through life, based on choices they make and the times we live in. Yet we have never qualified for anything free or reduced rates, and have never received charity for anything. So I have never felt compelled to give to the less fortunate. I may sound selfish, but sometimes the less fortunate are within your own family. I don't feel guilty trying to help them out instead of others. For our Christmas holiday aid donation for work this year they always have a raffle where you win money and the other half is donated. Since I never won and likely never will win, this year I decided to boycott and only buy 1 ticket, $1. That way I wasn't contributing to someone who has money to win more.

Fe-lady said...

I figure the people who are interviewed and HAVE to talk about it don't do much on a daily basis...so just talk to make themselves feel good.
I figure I am helping out society almost on a daily basis and have my whole career of teaching....And no one ever "gave back" to me. I "got it back" in many different intangible ways. The last time I was approached by a Toys for Tots guy, I wanted to tell him that toys are the LAST thing kids need- what they would truly benefit from is some one to one time with a caring adult....
I will step off the ranting box now! Someone else's turn! :-)
P.S. Did you get a package from us? You should real soon! (I hope!)


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