22 December 2007

What's it worth to you??

Commodore got me thinking today. Actually, that's not totally true but, as often happens with blogs, it helped me focus a bit and define a problem I was overlooking.

I have, in many ways, given up my quest to lose weight. I've realized by focusing on trying to lose weight I was actually defeating myself. You can't focus on the negative, you must focus on the positive. So I shifted my focus. Instead of focusing on losing weight (the negative), I've been working on my running, strength, and cardio. This is definitely working towards the positive. I can measure improvements and see positive results. This is a good thing. I've been pretty focused and consistent for the entire month of December. But there was something missing. Then I read Comm's post today.

I watched the end of the Biggest Loser on Tuesday night and was duly impressed. These people did an amazing amount of work, they lost an amazing amount of weight, and they all looked fantastic. But they did have a great incentive, $250,000. For that kind of money I would do a lot of things, losing weight is definitely one of them. Incentive, rewards, whatever you want to call it, are powerful things. Since I don't have $250,000 laying around or know anyone who does, I guess I, like Comm, will have to find some other incentive.

What could possibly motivate me to work out with passion and not miss any?? What could I possibly want that I'm willing to work that hard for? Why is the end result of health and fitness not enough reward in itself? I honestly don't know and don't know if I will be able to figure it out. The big ticket items that I do want, I'm not ready to purchase yet, nor will I be in the next few months. The smaller items are just not that great of an incentive. So I don't know what the incentive should be. Should it be a 'thing' or something else. Maybe a trip. I don't know. It is definitely worth some thought and contemplation. I've got a little over a week to come up with something. Let's see what happens.

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