30 January 2008

At least I'm alive.....

Wow!! Was I sick!!! I apparently ingested something that wasn't good and it started reacting about 1 am. I was up and down all night. About 9 am things seemed to be calming down some. I then slept till almost 2:30. I then spent the last couple of hours curled up on the couch with my pile of books, reading. Some of those books have to go. I wonder why I bought them to begin with.
I'm just now getting up and moving around and starting to feel human again. I'm hungry but afraid of eating.

I got some great answers to my question yesterday. Thank you all. I've got some great ideas. Having battled my weight so much of my life I try not to focus on food too much. As a result I get into a rut with meals. So I got some great ideas of what to eat before working out. I do notice that when I eat a little bit before I have more energy. So, I thank you for all your input. It helped a lot.

Okay, I've been up about 1/2 hour. I need to go rest. Actually, I need to figure out something to eat that won't come back up.

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