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Well, last night was my first cycling clinic. We ran through skills like clipping in and unclipping, signaling, eating, drinking, etc. We had to split ourselves up into beginner and intermediate. I debated which group to join. I finally chose the intermediate group since I do know how to ride. We headed over to an empty parking lot and proceeded to show our stuff. Within the first 10 minutes I fell twice. I was the only one that fell all night. And I did it twice. Yay!!! Way to show off my wicked biking skills. After I fell the second time I realized that my left pedal wasn't unclipping right. I clipped in and out a few times and the pedal loosened up a bit. Before tomorrow nights clinic I'm going to loosen that pedal just a tad to make escape easier. After falling twice I was nervous the rest of the night but it was uneventful. The bottom line is I think it will be a good clinic. The coaches are all really nice and I think it will be a fun 8 weeks.

This morning was swimming. I got to the pool and it was darn near empty - cool!!! I worked on my TI drills again. I figure, I can swim, but becoming comfortable in the water and not freaking out is worth the time and effort. But half way through my swim my shoulder started acting up. I also noted that the right side of my neck was sore. Luckily I had an appointment with my chiro today so he worked on my neck and shoulder. Holy crap!!! Now it really hurts. Hopefully I'll be able to swim on Friday....

I'm tired tonight and I've got some stuff to do so that's all for tonight. Tomorrow morning is running - oh joy!!!


Ladyrunner said…
That stinks you fell! Good for you for sticking it out though. I would have been a MESS after that. I'm glad you figured out that the pedal had it in for you.
Vickie said…
Sounds like a great clinic! Lucky you!

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