05 February 2008

Grey Poupon

Sometimes people send me stuff and ask me to review it and write about it on my blog. Well, this is one of those reviews. The other day I got some Grey Poupon in the mail. Specifically the Harvest Coarse Ground and the Hearty Spicy Brown varieties.

Now I love mustard but only with certain things. I adore mustard on sandwiches, but it has to be the right kind of sandwich. I love mustard on hot dogs, but that has to be a specific type of mustard. I know, I'm weird and have strange eating habits. Hubby and I finally realized we had a corned beef in the freezer and that is perfect for trying different types of mustard and comparing.

So the other night hubby cooked the corned beef with all the trimmings, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes. Yummmmmm......it was good. Anyway, back to the mustard…

Sorry about the crappy picture. This was also the night a battery melted down in my camera so I had to take this with my cell phone, but that's another post.

So first I tried the Harvest Coarse Ground. This is a great mustard. It is coarse so there is some gritty texture to it, but I really liked it. This one also has a bit of a kick to it. I thought there was some horseradish or something in it, but there's not. It's very good and I liked it a lot. I will definitely use this one often.

Next I tried the Hearty Spicy Brown one. According to the ingredients this one contains some horseradish yet I didn't think it had as much kick as the coarse one. I thought it was a much milder flavor and while very nice, I didn't like it as much. However, I can see where this would be the mustard of choice. I have a dipping sauce I make for baked chicken and the Hearty Spicy Brown would be much better with the other ingredients. The Harvest Coarse Ground would overpower the other ingredients and you don't want that for this sauce.

So, my opinion??? Both are very good. The Harvest Coarse Ground wins for use in things like sandwiches and as a plain condiment due to its spicy flavor and little kick. The Hearty Spicy Brown wins for use in recipes. I think this one would blend and meld well with different ingredients and not overpower them.

There you have it. Send me free stuff and I'll write about it too :)

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