I can be very strange.....

even to myself :) I worry about the weirdest things, yet have no worries over other things. For instance, I'm not concerned at all about getting breast cancer even though it runs in my family. I have no fear of cervical cancer although I have a history of precancerous cells. Yet I worry uncontrollably about ovarian cancer. I mean an unnatural fear of it. It's weird. I get all panicky about getting into an auto accident yet ride my bike on narrow, busy streets. Strange.

I was just reading about mesothelioma. This is the cancer you get from exposure to asbestos. We have a lawyer here in Hawaii who advertises on TV quite frequently for mesothelioma sufferers. According to the National Cancer Society, almost everyone in our time has been exposed to asbestos. That's kind of freaky and causes me bizarre worries. It gets me thinking about if I've ever been exposed to asbestos. Probably....

There is lots of mesothelioma information out there and it's pretty scary. It takes 20-50 years for the cancer to show up. Yikes. That's a long time for it to do damage and you not know it. Very, very scary. The cancer generally occurs in people who worked with asbestos but even a little exposure can be hazardous. Asbestos is used in so many things too. I probably have some around me right now and don't even know.

Okay, enough. The strangest things run through my mind. I read stuff and get all caught up in it. I now have to convince myself I'm not a mesothelioma candidate.


Fe-lady said…
I took up a whole asbestos floor in my house and was probably exposed at work when they removed old asbestos ceiling tiles from one of my schools.
I try not to think about it....and from everything I have read, it's repeated exposure that is most dangerous. At least that is what I am telling myself-yipes!
Kewl Nitrox said…
Hmmmm.... You are right. That's just strange.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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