16 February 2008

I have been on this computer

most of the day. I did take a break to go to the expo and pick up my packet. We also went to lunch at Chili's. Otherwise, I have been here most of the day.

I have just become a blogging fool. I've posted on all my blogs. I've changed templates and finally got ones I adore. I've signed up my various blogs at networking sites. Whew.... I've been busy. I feel as if I've been on some sort of mental treadmill, I've done so much and learned so much today.

Not to make anyone jealous, but if you want to see what it was like in Hawaii today, head over to Flo's Place. But be warned, it just might make you crazy, especially if you live in snow country.

Now, I'm getting away from this computer for the rest of the night. Hubby had something to do, so he's gone. I think I'm going to either watch some mindless TV or read a really trashy book. Anything but sit here at this time sucking machine :)

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