28 February 2008

Intermittent fasting......

I posted about how I was trying this intermittent fasting 2 weeks ago. The first time I did it, it went really well. I felt great and was doing absolutely fine until I had a little something to eat. It went downhill from there. That was on a Friday. On the following Tuesday I decided to try it again and failed miserably. It took me a little while, but I finally figured out why. In order to fast and not crash completely you have to eat well, really well, the other days. When I tried it the 2nd time I had had a weekend of not great eating and very little water. Monday had been good but not great. So when I started fasting I was kind of in a deficit already and not in the best condition to start a fast. So I realized I needed to eat well on the non-fasting days in order to not feel like crap on the days I do fast. Last week was screwed up because of the Great Aloha Run on Monday and my eating/drinking water was off slightly most of the week, so that was out. This week I have been focused on eating well and drinking my water. So when I got up this morning I decided it was the day to try this again. Initially my hunger kicked in and I felt a little tired. Then I got a burst of energy and started feeling that really good feeling I got the first time. Cool.

When I got up this morning I got distracted by something and ended up not exercising. Bummer..... I know better than to get into anything before I exercised, but I got an email I had to check out and the next thing I know it's too late. Oh well, absolutely not the end of the world. I will workout tonight when I get home.

Okay.....guess that's all I have this morning. I thought I had more to say but apparently not :)

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