07 February 2008

New Toys

Last week I pulled out my digital camera (that is less than 1 year old) to take a picture and it wouldn't work. Hmmm..... I started looking at it and checking it out. I had just charged the batteries so they should be good.... What could be wrong??

It was then I noticed that the cover on the battery compartment was a tiny bit warped. Uhh?? What's this. I look more closely and discover it's been melted. What?? Now I carry my camera in my purse and I do not put my purse anywhere that's hot enough to melt a camera. So some more investigation and finally prying open the battery cover I discover one of the batteries had apparently overheated. I do not know how this happened. I charged the batteries in the charger and then they sat on my desk overnight and I put them in the camera the next morning. So they didn't go from the charger into the camera when they might have been hot. They were Duracell rechargeable and they were only AAA. Anyway, the camera is shot. The compartment where the card is stored was slightly melted but I was able to retrieve the card and it wasn't damaged.

So now I needed a new camera. I've totally gotten used to having a camera with me all the time and snapping pictures of strange things I see. The hunt began. I'm not going into detail here about the hunt since I'm actually going to get paid to tell it over at Flo's Place. But the result is that I got the coolest camera on the face of the earth.

This camera is so sweet. It's got all kinds of settings (I'll have to learn to use them :). It's 10 megapixels with zoom. I love it. And it's pink. And it was only slightly more than my little cheap Polaroid. I'm so very happy with it. It just arrived last night so I haven't had tons of time to play with it but I love it.

While I was looking for this picture on the web, I noticed that I got an incredibly good deal on this camera. I saw it for $200 but I only paid $125. Sweet!!! If you're interested you will be able to find out where I got it and how great the shipping and everything was over the weekend. Sorry, I really hate when people do that.

So that's my story today. I got up with every intention of going for a run and got wrapped up on my new camera (I left it charging overnight). So once again my workout plans were undermined.

On the workout front, after I casually mentioned maybe I need a plan, I realized - I did!!! I need to have a focus to what I'm doing or I lose interest. I need to have goals; swim faster, run farther, bike harder, etc. So I've pulled some plans off the internet and I'm going through my books this weekend and I'm going to get a plan together.

Okay, enough of this. I have to go get ready for work.

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