02 March 2008

Time for a decision

After my little fit on Friday, and trust me - there was a fit that went with that post, I've done some work. I've revamped my total workout structure. I've changed my whole schedule around and focused on what is most important to me, at least I think so.

I went through my old journals last night and found the one for 2004 when I was really thin and very fast ;) Reading through it one thing that really caught my eye is how hard I worked. I was working out 2x everyday and doing 3 or 4 things on each day of the weekend. Of course my eating wasn't going great at the time, so maybe that was one reason why I had to work so hard. If I have my eating under control, will I have to work out that hard?? Do I want to work out that hard?? Is it worth all that work??

I don't know and these are some serious questions that I need to answer. I did some serious working out this weekend and it felt great. I'm sore now. I realized how far my fitness has fallen and how much ground I need to make up. So, are the results worth the effort. Clearly this is something I need to decide.


Ellie Hamilton said...

Tough questions!! The biggie is the one I'm always asking myself:

"What is it worth to me?"

And its partner:

"How much do I want it?" (The body, the time, the muscles, the candy.)

Ellie Hamilton said...

P.S. I tagged you :-) Check my blog!

Nancy said...

You are definitely asking the right questions. Only you can decide and know the answers. Good luck with this!


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