20 March 2008

Have I mentioned recently that I rock??

Swimming I mean. I really am getting good at swimming. It's interesting. I'm working on form, doing TI and lots of drills, and it's really paying off. While I'm still not the speediest thing in the water I definitely have more than one speed now. I have a slow, warm-up/cool-down speed, I have a moderate speed that I can maintain for quite a while, and I have a fast that really leaves me breathing hard and tired. I love it. I get in the pool now and not only enjoy my workout, but really get a workout. I'm not just swimming, I'm pushing myself hard. It feels good.

Well, my rant the other day was a tad too early. Today was apparently bring your annoying child to the Y day. Everyone brought kids. It wasn't too bad early on as they didn't start getting there until 7 or so, but trying to shower was a nightmare. People put stuff all over the counter so there was no room at all. I ended up just shoving things out of my way. Then, a bunch of women were lined up in front of the mirror adjusting their hats for minimum sun exposure. Uh....excuse me!! Some of us work for a living and don't spend all morning at the Y!!! UGH!!! I'm just glad spring break is almost over and next week the Y should be back to normal.

Last night I was starting to freak out. It's 3 1/2 weeks to my tri and for some reason I kept thinking that it was a 750m swim and a 25 mile bike. Before swimming this morning I decided to check because I wanted to do the distance today. Turns out it's only 500 m and an 11.5 mile bike. Sheesh!! That's easy!!! What I do need to work on is my biking to running. I haven't done that in a loooonnnng time and I need to get it down before race day. So Saturday is a 15 mile bike with a 15 minute run off. Maybe before my Wed/Fri runs I'll do 1/2 hour on the trainer and then run. I need to condition my legs. That's the part that's really got me worried.

Okay, that's enough. I have to get to work. I've got some documents stored on a usb flash drive and I can't find it. That's my first priority.


angelfish24 said...

You do rock! ha. You are out there doing it, doing the tri's and that's neat. Maybe some day I'll do another.
Sorry to hear that the ladies at the Y are driving you crazy. I get what you mean, I don't put my stuff all over if I shower there. And, I don't bring my kid with me and when I do he goes in the daycare if I'm working out otherwise we do the kiddie basketball or other stuff.
Good luck on your tri. My running is always my weakest part. But, at least I started working out again...it was hard to get back at it.

Ellie Hamilton said...

Wow.... I wanna feel like that when I'm swimming! I'll be starting the first of May to train for SavageMan (Sept.) When I start training, it will be the first time I have immersed my whole body in water since IMFL 2006. I hope it's like riding a bike.....

Vickie said...

You'll do great. That's a very do-able distance. Don't worry about the run. The first mile is always hard, but usually you end up a little faster than usual otherwise. And I hear you on annoying kids at the Y. One reason I finally quit. I have kids. I have grandkids. But its a different story dealing with other people's brats! LOL!

Duane said...

Hey Rock star!

Irene said...

Of course you rock!!!

There's a few bloggers who are training for tris, and between you and them, I'm kinda getting itchy to jump into the pool again. It's been a while!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

You'll do great. That's a very do-able distance. Don't worry about the run


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