13 March 2008

Or maybe the swim is the thing.

This morning was swimming again and again I rocked!!! I feel so good in the water, what a huge difference from a couple of months ago. I was doing my workout this morning and it called for easy, moderate, and fast pace. I found I actually had those speeds. Easy was easy, like a stroll around the mall. Moderate was faster, like a brisk hike up a mountain. While fast was fast, like a sprint. It was cool, I did great and I'm having a great time swimming. I have not used my stopwatch, only the clock at the side of the pool. I don't know my T-pace, 100, or 50 pace. I don't know any of the numbers, all I do is use the clock to time my rest intervals. It's working because I'm not getting caught up in the numbers and getting bummed. An awful lot of success is not knowing you're not doing great. If you're doing the absolute best you can beating yourself up over the numbers is not going to help at all. I did 1600 m in about 35-40 minutes this morning. That can not be right. I got to the pool at 6:10. By the time I got my stuff put away and my gear on, I probably got into the pool by 6:15. I looked at my watch again just before my cool down to get a time check and it was 6:50. That's 35 minutes. I then did my last 100 m which I know took me 5 minutes because I was going really slow and exaggerating my roll. At the latest I jumped out of the pool at 7. So at most I did 1600 in 45 minutes. Okay, that's not right. I shortened the work out, I only did 1200 m in 40ish minutes. That makes more sense. Still, it felt great and I'm happy with them.

Now that I've carried on for days about my swimming :) Moving on. There is so much other stuff going on in my life I don't even know where to start. My mind is distracted and I'm not sure what to write about here. I've even taken to playing a computer game at night just to shut my mind off. It's actually fun playing on a big
lcd monitor. Anyway, I probably should get to work now.

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