12 March 2008

Running is the thing

I do a lot of different exercises. I love to do aerobics. I really enjoy riding my bike. I like strength training. I like swimming. I adore hiking. But running is the thing. It's the thing that makes me feel like I can do anything. It's the thing that makes me proudest. It's the thing where I can push myself every single time. It's definitely the thing. I swam for 45 minutes yesterday and felt really good about the progress I've made. I ran for 20 minutes this morning and felt like an absolute rock star.

I'm guessing it goes back to my super heavy days when running was a distant dream. Once I was able to run I felt like I had achieved something spectacular. I still feel that way every time I run. It's a good feeling. So along those lines, I've decided to do the Honolulu Marathon this year. Actually, I'm in the lottery for the Nike Marathon in San Francisco, we'll see how that goes.

The Honolulu Marathon Training clinic started this past Sunday. I didn't remember it in time so I didn't go, but I'm going this Sunday. I tried to train with them last year but my plantar sidelined me. Well, that is not an issue anymore so it's time to try again. I've done the marathon 2 times and both times did not go so well. I'm really going to train consistently and I have a goal time of 4:30. That's about 10:30 per mile. That is so doable for me. Okay, I've said it now it's out there. Time to get to work.

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