Sometimes it just hits you....

I stumbled across this video and, although I've seen it before, it really struck me this time.

This whole thing is just like the global warming scam. Why didn't I see that before?? Why have I swallowed the kool-aid and not questioned it?? Why?? Why?? Why??

Yes, I want to lose weight because I like the way I feel when I'm a little thinner. But as I said earlier, do I want to work that hard?? Am I doing it for me or because I've been brainwashed??? I kind of hate when I come to realizations like this because I like to think I don't fall for this kind of stuff. But I guess no ones perfect :)


Chris Stormer said…
I completely agree with you that no one is perfect. But we have to make ourselves perfect to survive in this competitive world.
Expat said…
That is true. No one is perfect. I strongly believe it. whenever anyone tall me that this or that one is so perfect. I can't just believe it. If i get any chance to judge then I just do it without concerning anyone.
Expat said…
None is perfect in the world. But the thing we have to try all the time that is we all have to do the best as we can. That is the only way.. We can't say that that person should do that. we have to think this is my duty and I have to do it right away.

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