05 April 2008

A Brick

I realized last night, as I was talking to a friend about the tri next week, that I have not done a brick. I have not run off the bike since last September. Oh, this is not good. So I decided to do that this morning. Initially my plan was to ride 15 miles this morning and run 5 miles tomorrow. But, after realizing I haven't done a brick and making plans to meet to swim tomorrow, I decided that a 6 mile ride and a 1 mile run would suffice today.

The bike felt really good. I haven't been riding as much as I'd like but I am definitely getting stronger and that translates to the bike really well. So I did the 6 miles and got home for T1. I headed out on the run and realized that I had forgotten how crappy your legs feel after biking. But I pushed on and pushed through. I ran the entire way! I ran a 12:47 mile! That's pretty darn good for me. I'm very happy with myself and have a lot more confidence going into this sprint.

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting up with some ladies who have never done a tri before (one is 70 years old!!). My friend and I are going to take them through a shortened version on the same course so they get a feel for what it's like. This should be fun.

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Vickie said...

One thing I have found out about myself is I am a far better coach and mentor than athlete, so I hope you enjoyed your workout with the newbies.

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