29 May 2008

Another fantastic workout

I am back completely and I can say that with confidence. I have returned to the point where I'm not really tired when I go to bed at night but fall asleep quickly. I wake a few minutes before the alarm and when it finally goes off am more than ready to get up.

This morning was another bike ride. I did the same route I did Tuesday. I love love love riding super early in the morning. The roosters are just starting to wake up when I leave. I took some cool photos of my ride as it was starting to get light but I'll have to post them later.

Right now I have got to get to work. I have so much to do and don't want to be here till 7 pm.....

Oh my God!!! You won't believe this!!! My drug-dealing, convicted murderer, neighbor is back!!! He was supposed to be gone for good but Hubby and I saw him this morning. I can't believe he's back. I'm calling the authorities and letting them know right away. Looks like maybe it's time to look into an ademco security system!!!


Pokey said...

YAY on the workout!!!

BOO on the neighbor!!! :O How incredibly scary.....stay safe!!

angelfish24 said...

Way to go on all your workouts! You sound like my hubby as he is doing brick workouts all the time. And getting up so early, yowza, way to go.

Michelle said...

Yes! Great job with the ride. Someday I hope to rise early like you. We'll see if I can ever change my wants-to-sleep-late circadian rhythm.

p.s. why do we have to do the captcha if you manually approve comments?

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