02 May 2008

Dogs and Signs

I've mentioned before that once in a while I get things for free to review and write about on my blog. Well, I got a very cool review product this past week.

When it arrived earlier this week, Nala had to check it out:

Then Rocco had to see what was up:

Once it was out of the packaging it was not near as fun:

Once hung up though, Nala had to show they mean business:

Anyway, these signs are nice!! The are metal signs and they come with mounting hardware, brass screws if you have a wood fence or plastic zip ties for chain link, like mine. This company is pretty cool too. They have a good Karma policy. They do not accept credit cards, but they will ship out your order and you pay after you receive it. In this day and age it's amazing to find a company that does business like this. The signs are very reasonable and a great value. I got the cobalt blue one that says 'dogs.' You can also get it so it says 'dog' depending on how many dogs you have. So if you have a dog and you have a yard, you need to get your own beware of dog signs for your fence.

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