04 May 2008

Some Good, some not so good

You'll be happy to know that I did my bit to prop up the economy yesterday, even though we have not gotten our stimulus check and probably won't until June. I am really not a huge shopper and once I find clothes I like I will wear them till they fall apart. I wear shorts to work but, because I work in a lab, I tend to get chemicals on them. Pretty soon I can only wear the shorts to work because they have holes or spots or whatever. For the last couple of months I've been realizing that I have no shorts to wear on the weekends (read: with no holes) except workout shorts. That gets old after awhile. So yesterday, in an effort to pull this country from the brink of recession, we went shopping.

We hit Old Navy, one of my favorite places, and found some stuff on sale. I got the cutest running outfit at Kmart. If you haven't been to Kmart lately you should check it out. Since Sears bought them things are changing and it's great!! I also got some workout gear at the Sports Authority. Being rather well endowed, I need rather severe sports bras for running. It was time for some new ones. But, the real excitement of the day was the grand opening of Steve & Barry's. Now I had never heard of Steve & Barry's and had no idea what the heck it was. But a grand opening is a grand opening, so we went in. OMG!!! I think this may be my favorite store now (sorry Old Navy). There grand opening sale was nothing over $9.98!!! I got some seriously cute shorts, that I won't worry about at work because they were $9.98, and some very adorable tops. I was so excited!!! Even Hubby was all charged up and he is not a shopper. It was great fun and the find of the century. The lady at the checkout was telling us they had been open for 8 days and from day 1 were the number 1 store in the country. The people of Hawaii are so starved for bargains, I'm sure we'll keep them there for a while. So that was my bit for the economy.

On the not so good side, I didn't workout yesterday and I won't have time this morning either. Something is going on with my stomach. It hasn't felt right for about 4 days. My eating has been off because of it, which leads to my workouts being off. I'm seriously considering not eating at all today and seeing if I can't clear it out and stop this feeling. I don't know. .

Anyway, I have a meeting this morning I have to get to.


leslie said...

Thank you for making the economy better. I expect to see the housing market in California rebounding very soon!

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. that is not bad. everything can't be good all the time.


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