01 May 2008

Today was better

Though still not as good as last week. Or even earlier this week. But it was better than yesterday. I have now completed 2 weeks of a 30 day program. I'm pleased with myself. I like this program, I love the workouts. I can't wait to see what happens at the end.

As I was doing some push-up or something this morning, I glanced over at my arm and thought, 'hmm... that arm looks puffy.' I looked at the other arm and saw the same thing. This is my forearms which never gets puffy. So as I'm torturing myself with some push-ups I wondering why my forearms would be puffy. Then I started thinking about my diet. The past week or so my diet has crept out of control. I have been eating way too many carbs. I have found that carbs (rice, cereal, pasta, bread, etc) eaten after my work out doesn't bother me at all. But carbs eaten later in the day can get ugly. I've been eating carbs at every meal lately. Pasta for lunch, rice for dinner, cookies for dessert. Not good at all. I wonder if they have carb rehab, kind of like drug rehab :) So I'm back to my regular eating and hopefully the puffy arms will go away. I figure they are related because lots of carbs makes me retain water and feel puffy all over.

Tomorrow I'm going to try a faster pace running. I'm going to set my Garmin to a pace and try to maintain it the whole time. I'm going to shoot for 12 min/mile. I figure since my HR was just over 120 for 11 min/mile, I should be able to do 12 easy. Let's hope so.

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