04 June 2008

Feeling good.....

Have you ever made a decision and knew it was the right one?? That's how I feel about the decision to leave Hawaii. I think it's the right thing at this point in our lives. As I'm getting older I have in my mind how I want to live the rest of my life and I can't do it here. It was okay when we were younger to work hard, now???? Not so much..... Anyway, I promise I will return to workouts and eating soon but I'm still very excited about our decision. I was a little afraid that Hubby would change his mind. He was born here and wanted to come back here, but I'm confident now he won't change his mind. I've shown him some of the possibilities that are available in Colorado and he's sold. I've even made him see he could still use his hammock chair in Colorado.

It's funny how things happen and you don't even realize it. We are working harder then we've ever worked and have less extra money then we've ever had. The economy here has turned so slowly that we hardly noticed it. But when we compare right now to a year or two ago you can see the difference.

Okay, that's all the talk of moving on this blog. I'll confine my moving talk to the other blog, which is more about my life, and we will return to our regularly scheduled workouts tomorrow :)

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Irene said...

Yeah, but you're thrilled with your decision to make the move! I don't mind the move talk!

Added bonus about moving to Colorado... You get to wear boots!!!

You know we're going to expect boot posts once you move. ;)


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