20 June 2008

Test Day

I'm not sure if I mentioned this here and I'm too lazy to go look, but I'm going back to school. In preparation for the big move to Colorado, I'm going to get my teaching certificate and become a teacher :) Today I take the Praxis or PPST, pre-professional skills test, in order to gain entrance to an institution of higher learning. That's kind of why I've been so distracted the past 2 weeks. I've been studying. The test is not that hard, reading, writing, and math, but I'm nervous. I've taken a number of practice tests and gotten well above passing marks, so I shouldn't be worried. The one thing I was concerned about was the essay question. They give you a topic and you have 30 minutes to write for or against it. I was really kind of sweating that part. Then last night, as I'm complaining to my husband, he looks at me and says 'you write 4 blogs!! What the heck are you worried about writing for?' Huh..... I guess he's right, huh? I tend to have fairly strong opinions about most things and I write - a lot - so theoretically this should be the easiest part for me. The really good part is that I get preliminary results as soon as I finish the test because I'm taking a computer based one. Do you love computers????

Because of all of the above, I did not train this morning. I was supposed to run and swim and I was prepared to do it, but I decided I did not want to be getting sleepy and tired in the middle of the test. Tests are boring enough, if I'm tired that could be disastrous. So the alarm went off and I turned it off. I slept in till 5:30 - woo hoo - and got up and had a leisurely cup of coffee, got ready for work, and left. It was nice and relaxing. Now I'm here at work until around 11, then it's a nice lunch and off to take the test at 12:30.

Well, obviously I have nothing to say so I'll go now. I'll let you know how the test goes tonight. Send smart thoughts my way :)


Vickie said...

Good luck. Hope it goes well. Wow, that's a big change, if you move to Colorado.

Michelle said...

You haven't taken it yet so I'm sending smart vibes your way! Good luck :)

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