07 June 2008

The week in review.....

So I was up .8 lbs. Not a lot and not completely unexpected. But I must write out why so I don't forget and hopefully it doesn't happen again.

Exercise: almost nonexistent this week. Regardless of things that are happening with my body, I have to exercise. Even if I only ride the stationary bike for 30 minutes, I have to do something everyday.

Food: Overall very good but..... the handful of chips every night - not necessary. The cookies on top of the salad and mashed potatoes last night, yeah - too much.

I had 2 very high point days this past week and I wasn't completely honest with myself about them. That has to end. From now on complete and full disclosure only.

I am setting up a wall in my computer/birdie room with a write on calendar and my goals printed out. I have a couple of goals for the summer and I will succeed.

Tomorrow - a 5 mile run and a parrot club meeting. It'll be a kind of busy day.

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Michelle said...

Good for you, the honesty with the points thing is important, even if you go WAY over it's still important to track them. I have had many gains along the way, but it's the overall pattern that counts. Chin up! Writing your goals is a great idea!


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