The stars are malign......

I really felt like the gods were against me this morning. My alarm went off and I had been sleeping so good I did not want to get up. But after a few minutes I did get up. I made coffee and started getting things together. I had an easy bike ride on the schedule. As I'm putzing around it starts raining. Not sprinkling, a downpour so load I could hardly heard anything. It rained, and rained, and rained. I was a little ticked off because if it had started 5 minutes earlier I could have stayed in bed. As it was I couldn't bike or run and swimming was looking not so good because I didn't want to walk in this downpour outside to the pool. So, against my better judgement, I jumped on the stationary bike. I only rode for 40 minutes as my back was starting to twinge. I really was bummed.

I finally got in to see my chiro today and he worked on my periformis and some other muscle that's further up in the buttock area. He hurt me. He hurt me bad. I really thought I was going to cry. That's the thing about ART. It's unbelievably painful but it really helps in a pretty short amount of time. Definitely worth the pain. I may have to go back again to have it done one more time. I'm looking forward to the :p

Well, I'm off to bed. I'm getting my car tuned up tomorrow so that means dropping the car off at the mechanic and riding my mountain bike to work. That's always fun.


Vickie said…
Yes, that piriformis is the worst pain the butt (pun intended).
Michelle said…
That's funny, I'm working on getting some ART treatment now. Waiting for my doc to fax the prescription. It hurts but it works. Glad you got something in despite the rain.

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