Can't seem to get a routine going....

I'm doing okay with the eating and working out, but I'd like to be doing fantastic. I can't seem to get a routine going and it's really starting to bug me. With school and work and such, the days are not the same therefore all are different. I don't like it at all.

Last night in class we did the Meyers-Brigg personality assessment. It was interesting and funny and dead on. I've done these before but it never seemed to hit on me just right. Last night it was absolutely dead on. One thing I learned (though I knew this already) is that I like routine. I like order and I like to have things planned out. What was really funny is that the things I thought were unique to me, not liking crowds or parties, not being able to make small talk, were problems with all the others who shared some of my personality types. Interesting.

Okay, I have to get moving. I'm tired and just want to crawl back into bed......


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