11 November 2008

Back to me :)

I wanted to leave the previous post at the top most of the day because I really like it. Many have given their lives in order to defend our freedom. Many have given their time and all they had. I thank them all.

But, yea, back to me. So I've been focused on my eating for the last couple of days. Sunday I fasted, well, actually from Saturday dinner until Sunday dinner, and I felt fabulous!!!! I drank gallons of water and just felt energetic and awake. It was great. Yesterday eating was really good too. I have it all logged into a spreadsheet but it's on my laptop so I can't quote numbers. Today is okay so far except lunch did not agree with my stomach. I had a Healthy Choice soup and some egg salad in a Flatout wrap. My stomach feels icky now. If it doesn't get better I'll go really light for dinner. I'm only planning on a salad and some salmon anyway, that shouldn't bother me too much. Anyway, feeling good and eating light :)

I haven't been working out though. On Sunday I wanted to get all my chores done before the bird club meeting. That way I could just come home and relax the rest of the day, which I did. Yesterday morning I just did not hear the alarm. I woke at 5:45. That's way too late to exercise with the zoo I have. Then it happened again today, I didn't hear the alarm and woke at 5:45. I did do some strength training last night and I'm going to do some ab work tonight. I'm not going to get crazy about it. The waking up early will come back, it always does.

Okay, that about catches me up to today. I don't have school tonight (yea!!) because of the holiday, but I should get some school work done.

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