Okay, seriously, this time I mean it....

I'm sick and tired of feeling like a failure. Because I've got other things going on and I can't focus on my eating and exercise I feel like a failure. Enough of that. I've had it and I'm tired of it. Starting tomorrow it all changes. I'm fasting for the next 24 hours. I need that to give me a little jump start. So I ate dinner and that was it until dinner tomorrow. Then, next week Hubby will be working most nights for a special event and I stocked up on good stuff. Greek yogurt. Oh, oh, oh, that reminds me, have you guys tried this stuff??

It is full fat, but it's all natural. It only contains milk, cream, pectin, and active cultures. Holy crap this stuff is good. As I said, it's full fat but it is so good it's like eating dessert. You only need a little bit. It tastes incredible and well worth the calories. This and a little granola and I'm good to go for hours. Right, so I stocked up on this and fish for the week.

I'm also kicking up the exercise routine. I'm definitely getting up every morning and doing some cardio. I'm going to do some weight training at night. I've been wanting to do some working out at night but doing cardio at night just amps me up and I can't go to bed. I'm going to try weights and see how that works out.

Right now though, I'm off to bed. I have to get some sleep and get up and workout. Tomorrow this will be a food free zone.....


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