21 December 2008

Hmmm... yesterday

Yesterday was a planned non-eventful day. I really had nothing big at all on the agenda and that's exactly what I accomplished. It was perfect. We did end up at the mall for a little bit but that was about it. I did some behind the scenes work on my blogs yesterday and in the afternoon just goofed off. I read, watched TV, hung out with Sammy. It was perfect.

Today will not be so much fun. I have to clean this house, since it didn't get cleaned last week, and get some laundry done, and straighten up my dresser, and then go to a christening later. No laying around being a bum today :(

You may have noticed there has been no working out in there. not because of any problem or any planned reason, it just didn't happen and that's okay. Sometimes you just need a little break. Of course, cleaning this place with all the animal cages and stuff turns into quite a little workout, so maybe that will count.

Well, I'm off. Things to do....

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