10 December 2008

Time to get geeky with the numbers....

I haven't been logging my numbers here like I said I would because I don't get the total burned until the following morning and by then I'm on to the next day and hard to back track to catch up blah, blah, blah.......... So let's run the ugly numbers now.

I began the week at 178 lbs (OMG! I can't believe that!!!) My goals for the week are:
  • Track everything eaten all week
  • Workout everyday
  • Record calories burned everyday
I'm half way through and I'm on track so far. Here's what the individual days look like:
Monday - Strength Training - 45 minutes
Consumed - 1750 calories
Burned - 2300 calories

Difference - 550

Tuesday - Strength Training - 45 minutes
Consumed - 1925
Burned - 2300

Difference - 375

Wednesday - Kickboxing and Run
Consumed - 1950
Burned - ~2400

Difference - 450

This morning the scale said 177, down 1.5 lbs from when I started, but I knew that wasn't 'real' weight.

Feeling absolutely fabulous. Sleeping like a baby due to not a lot of crap food and working out hard. Things are going really, really well. I'll keep updating as time goes on.

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Irene said...

Have you checked out Maggie Wang's blog? http://maggiewang.com/ You'd be impressed. She takes logging in the numbers to the next level with meticulous spread sheets, photos and graphs.

Sometimes putting all the numbers out there for all to see makes accountability easier.

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