05 January 2009

Okay, time to lay down some plans......

But first an update. The bird from last post turns out not to have any broken bones. He (or she) was a young bird and underweight. The rehabber figures that it got kicked out of the nest too soon. Hey, it happens to birds too :) So with some good food, a little rest, and some TLC he should be just fine. I'm very relieved that it's really nothing serious.

Okay, now back to me. I've got my head in a good place and I think I can keep it there. I came to some great realizations the last few days and am really quite happy the way things are. My reasons for working out and eating right are good, solid reasons and grounded in reality. My goals are not something I'm going to do but things that will be accomplished. I feel really good about my plans and what's going on in my head. I think I got it on straight finally :)

By the end of January I will have:
Run 12 times
Ran in 1 5k
Worked out with weights 18 times
Eaten as planned 6 days out of every week

I'm ready to go. I've decided that I will write down everything I eat 6 days a week. I get one day off. I'm off to a great start and looking forward to the rest of the month.


Anonymous said...

thought of you yesterday when my hubby announced he is getting a tattoo portrait.

of our dogs.

our blk lab (RIP) and our bullmastiff.

Benson said...

Good news for tweety.
Good on ya for good planning and following through.


  Motivation is not the cause of action, it is the result. You want to be motivated? Get up and go do something. - Mark Manson How many time...